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going up to the family lakehouse (my grandfather built it) in Maine (I live in Mass) for the 4th of July.... We luckily have internet there (yay!), but I'm mentally preparing myself for random fireworks :/

foxrockit -

i walk these country roads, the only country roads that take me home

my IRL friend and I were talking about this site on Thursday

they are hesitant to stay bc of all the social issues on tungle hell; they are worried it might turn into something similar

I'm pretty hopeful waterfall won't go down that nasty path, but I understand the thought process

me: I won't hyperfixate on Yu-Gi-Oh GX ever again because I have too many newer interests

someone: /writes really good GX meta/

Subeta: /has the pet name Yubel avaliable/

Crunchyroll: /streams GX for free/


I appriciate this site because you don't have to google waterfall-only memes to find out who started them

Mental health and suicide mention undercut (I'm ok, just reflecting about severely bad times ages ago)

so my 22nd birthday is, in fact, less than a month away and I suddenly remembered the times that I thought I wouldn't make it past 16

that year was especially rough on me, between being ghosted by my "friends"/ex due to miscommunications/rumors, failing mental health, and getting kicked out (rather illegally) from the charter school I was attending.

I remember being asked the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" by my school therapist. my answer? "Dead." oof.

life is still tough, and growing up and living as an adult is daunting, but I'm glad I'm here. so many things to look forward to, you know?

Bumble bee "jasper" is so cool, but handiing even a polished piece wigs me out bc of the arsonic content lol

i wasn't able to log in for a bit (several days)

which is kinda weird

went to a rock and minerals show with my date today! now it's time for pizza and a small, intimate concert

naughty goblins get tossed down the F L E S H P I T

I couldnt sleep at all tonight so have a small doodle for pride month!!

archfey-deactivated-2020MarTue-200317040331-276 -

just like skyrim, my life is about picking up 50 different quests and finishing none of them because i'd rather be running around doing nothing instead

so my poor date told me that they've repressed their excitement for fandom and special interests bc of being made fun of as a teen

this made me want to punch whoever bullied them AND elevated my desire get them to infodump with me about Steven Universe

starryprince -

i cant answer asks on tungle.hell wtf???

vii -

tumbl is the bethesda of social media

"is it a bug or a feature?" "yes."

Hitting shuffle on my ipod is wild

One minute I'll be listening to the Indigo Girls and next thing I know a Powapowa P (RIP) song starts

my sister's boyfriend is nice, but he's been mainsplaining more and more frequently as of recent

I feel like I need to follow more people on here lol

bigenderfenris -

i'm just saying... if there was a ghost-type eeveelution, we'd all be happier people

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people who bite right into their ice cream are a menace and i'm going to take their teeth

Steven Universe movie is gonna have music by Gallant in it

/eyes emoji/

uhhh did anyone else see the Harry Potter Puppet Pals vid that was released yesterday?

timeskip -

*Sees a post with 100 notes on tumblr*: hm, okay, a fair number of people have seen that but it's nothing interesting. I've seen posts with over 1000 times that many notes.

*Sees a post with 100 notes on waterfall*: WOW THATS A POPULAR POST! Did Thell rb it or something because THAT'S A LOT OF NOTES!!!

it seems our summoning circles for Animal Crossing worked, lol